An Ashton Martin V8 Vantage or a razor? Decisions decisions…

And I thought the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo was a big deal.

Meet the Zafirro  Iridium, a $100,000 razor. There a plenty of reasons for this steep price, namely the materials used to create the most technologically advanced razor the world has ever seen:

The dual blades are made of white sapphires, which are hypoallergenic and don’t oxidize or corrode like your traditional blade. Because of this resistance to oxidation and corrosion the company that manufacturers the razor provides a 10 year blade life guaranty (I should hope so!). Professional blade cleaning and resharpening for ten years is included with purchase.

The handle is made of nearly pure iridium, a metal that mainly comes from meteorites and is 10 time more rare than platinum. Iridium is considered the strongest metal on the planet and is also used to make rocket engines because of its durable nature.

The screws holding this thing together are made of pure platinum. Of course.

Only 99 razors Zafirro Iridium razors will be made because of the limited supply of materials required and the expense of manufacturing the product.

Currently I am contemplating manufacturing shaving cream that contains bits of canary diamonds and ground up dinosaur fossils.


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