Fashion Forward Draft

Although I am an avid basketball fan, one of my girly faults when it comes to hoops is my excitement over the style of the NBA draft. Yes, it is fun to see where college players will go to pursue their dreams of playing profession basketball, but for me the fashion statements made by these young athletes may be even more fun. My top three fashion forward draft picks include, Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight and MarShon Brooks.

Apparently Kemba Walker learned more than just how to score and win a National Championship while at the University of Connecticut.  He must have learned a little something about style. His steel blue suit, white shirt and tie that uses the white and steel blue and accent colors and successful combination. I appreciate the risk Walker took by wearing a non-traditional suit color, it shows he has personality and isn’t afraid to show it.  Walker, who was drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats, may not be the biggest guy on the court but he certainly made a big statement with his sense of style on draft day.

Brandon Knight went with a more traditional color scheme, but did so in a very current way.  The nineteen-year-old chose a navy pinstripe suit, a white shirt with subtle check marks and a bright red paisley print tie. Mixing and matching patterns is a fun trend but can go terribly wrong. However, Knight was successful because he chose subdued patterns for the shirt and suit while leaving the bold pattern for the tie. This tie creates a focal point that draws the eye to his face, which is ideal for any business suit look. The mixing and matching of pattern also gives him amore youthful appearance which is appropriate for the teenager who led the Kentucky Wildcats to a final four appearance last season.

To be perfectly honest, there is some personal bias that goes selecting MarShon Brooks in my fashion forward draft. I love when a guy is willing to wear a bow tie.  The gray suit and purple shirt are perfectly professional, the addition of the multicolored bow tie adds a youthful and celebratory touch absolutely appropriate for a young man who is about to become a millionaire overnight. I also love the contrast of a small bow tie on such a tall (6 foot 5 inch) person, it feels unexpected which is a great attribute in the world of fashion. Much like Walker, Brooks showed off his personality by taking a fashion risk and it worked!

Please note: Although these photos feature men in suits with baseball caps, it doesn’t mean you should start wearing your Yankees cap to board meetings. The only time this is appropriate is during the NBA and NFL draft or if you are a hip hop mogul.


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